Understanding Average Pushups By Age and How to Improve Your Numbers


Pushups are a universal measure of strength, endurance, and overall fitness. As a staple exercise, they offer countless benefits to different age demographics. This analysis on average pushups by age will provide an in-depth understanding of current standards and helpful tips to enhance your performance.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Average Pushups by Age

When evaluating average pushups, statistics often break down by age and gender. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

Children and Teenagers (7-19)

Typically, adolescents show a steady increase in strength with growth and physical maturity. Boys aged between 7 and 14 can average between 15-20 pushups while girls can average 14-19 pushups. As they progress into teenage years, boys can average about 25-30 pushups while girls average around 20-25 pushups.

Young Adults (20-29)

Young adults generally exhibit peak physical ability. Healthy males can average 22-28 pushups, with the very fit hitting up to 35. Females, on the other hand, can average 15-20 pushups, and more athletic individuals may reach 30.

Adults (30-39)

For early middle age, men typically can perform 17-24 pushups and women around 13-19 pushups. This decline correlates with a slowing metabolism and decreased muscle mass unless countered with consistent exercise.

Middle-Aged Adults (40-49)

In this age bracket, men average 13-20 pushups, while women may average 10-16 pushups. Keeping fit at this age can contribute significantly to overall health and well-being.

Older Adults (50 and above)

For senior individuals, the general exercise landscape changes significantly. Men above 50 might average 10-16 pushups and women around 7-10 pushups.

How to Improve Your Average Pushups By Age

If your average pushup count falls short of these estimates or you wish to enhance your fitness, try these strategies:

1. Establish a Routine

Frequent, structured practice is vital. Start with small sets of pushups, taking rest periods, then gradually increase your repetitions. Incorporate this routine into your regular workouts.

2. Get Your Form Right

Bad form can actually impede your pushup progression. Keep your body in a straight line, tuck in your elbows, and use your chest strength to lower and lift your body.

3. Build Up Incrementally

Don’t overexert yourself right away. Gradually increasing your pushup count prevents injuries and aids effective muscle progress.

4. Cross-Train

Cross-training with exercises like planking and weight lifting can significantly boost your pushup capability by strengthening relevant muscle groups.

5. Stay Consistent

Consistency breeds results. Stay committed to your routine and modifications to achieve your pushup goal.


While average pushups by age can serve as a fitness indicator, remember that these figures vary greatly due to individual health, strength, and exercise habits. Rather than focusing solely on the numbers, aim for gradual improvement and consistency in your regimen to gain robust health benefits.

With a comprehensive understanding of these average standards and a structured approach to improvement, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pushup pro, regardless of your age!

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