Mortgage Processing Support Service

What is real estate outsourcing?

Real estate outsourcing involves hiring a team or team member overseas to complete certain tasks that enable you to focus on your core business. These tasks may include property management, sales support, accounts, marketing and more.

As a mortgage BPO company, Korvio India Private Limited work with a wide variety of lenders and brokers offering them expert mortgage assistance. Working in a 24X7 environment, our experts are at your service whenever you want them.

  • Form 201 data entry
  • Form 101 data entry
  • Rental and hotel properties listings
  • Property valuation, underwriting and appraisal
  • Property preservation & inspection records   processing
  • Property adverts creation and research
  • Court cases and listings support
  • Tax sales for property services
  • Delinquent tax records support
  • Tax, HOA and mechanic's liens support
  • State and federal tax liens services
  • Probate case support
  • Liens and judgments support